LIVE @ daikanyama LOOP (2012​.​12​.​13)

by nothing ever lasts

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released December 18, 2012



all rights reserved


nothing ever lasts 東京都, Japan

Live for the day.

Live for the music.

nothing ever lasts.


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Track Name: 灰色 (Haiiro)

それでも行こう あの場所へ行こう

あの頃が蘇って 無邪気な僕ら

The days go by
And I don’t know why
Track Name: Love Goes Around
Slow down, you better take a look around
Because you know that I know that I’m gonna chase you down
Gonna get you with me, cause baby you’re all that I need

Let’s just stop this cat and mouse chase
Grab my hand and head to my place
I’ll take you down, all the way down baby girl

手を上げ! 腰を揺らせ、baby
You keep drivin me crazy

Stop! Break it down
I’m lovin it
Can’t you see that we are meant to be?

Oo, you never know what you got till its gone
You’re loving it too
Don’t be sayin that I’m just another guy in your life that you’re waitin to deny

手を上げ! 腰を揺らせ、baby
You keep drivin me crazy

I don’t know you but I do
When I see your eyes you see mine too
Why do we pretend that life is so much more?
I can’t wait to show you that this love can lead you through that door
Jump off of the floor, raise your hands high and fly!

手を上げ! 腰を揺らせ、baby
You keep drivin me crazy
さぁ一緒に 腰を揺らそう yeah
You know I’ll find my way

Don’t slow down, cause we’re about to hit the ground
From the high that we got from makin love all around
With this melody, baby it’s all that we need

Grab my hand and take a deep breath
Soon enough we’ll fill with regrets
But that’s just how love goes around
Track Name: Lost or Found
Why don’t we just take the day off?
Rediscover things we thought that we lost
The space between the sheets is so serene
You scream, ooh

As I hit the snooze alarm you grab on to my arm
Pull me in to a world I’ve never been to
I can’t seem to catch my breath; you’ve got me spinning circles
And now, somehow, the lights outside have faded into night

Excuse me, miss, can you tell me what day it is?
How long has it been since I blacked out that night
I can’t seem to make any sense of the world around
Have I been lost or found?
Track Name: Revelations in The Sky
Oh no when it rains it pours as if the sun won't shine forever more
So long to the days I knew and all the hardships that I had to try to live through
Bring me some piece of mind, show me the world is kind
Searching for revelations in the sky

They say the world's the same and I'm the only one who changed
So now the only way to the top is with a leap of faith from
This bridge way up high, I look down and wave good-bye
Cause where I'm goin is where you hope to be

Hey now 最高な日々が待ってるよ
Take me away 道しるべ作ろう
Hey now 時は流れる 加速しながら進んでる
Take me away どっか遠くへ

この音の響きを 世界へ届け
誰かを救って 誰かを自由にして

The wind hits my face and I scream out loud but it's all a waste
Visions of all the people I knew huddled all around me trying to make good on
All the promises that we made and all the characters that we portrayed
Did you know which one of me wasn't fake?

Hey now 最高な日々が待ってるよ
Take me away 道しるべ作ろう
Hey now 時は流れる 加速しながら進んでる
Take me away どっか遠くへ

この音の響きを 世界へ届け
誰かを救って 誰かを自由にして